Ultrasonic Homogenizer

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The homogenization is based on cavitation. When liquids are exposed to intense ultrasonication sound waves propagate through the liquid causing alternating high-pressure and low-pressure cycles.
During the low-pressure cycle, high-intensity small vacuum bubbles are created in the liquid, as the liquid vapor pressure is attained. When the bubbles reach a certain size, they collapse violently during a high-pressure cycle. During this implosion very high pressures and high speed liquid jets are generated locally.
The resulting currents and turbulences disrupt particle agglomerates and lead to violent collisions between individual particles.
One major advantage of ultrasonic homogenizers is the low number of wetted and moving parts. This reduces frictional wear and cleaning time.
Amplitude/power adjustment range50-100%20-100%
Volume of reactor5-10L
Standard SpecUltrasonic device + Digital Generator
Optional configurationStainless steel reactor, Remote communication interface, flow meterUltrasonic Homogenizer

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