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Introduction of Dispatching mining winch
YSJD series dispatching mining winches are all explosion-proof for mine or surface mine car loading operation grouping and hauling carts in the middle of roadways and other supporting transport purpose.
YSJD series dispatching winch is used for dispatching trolleys in underground parking lots, middle roadways, mining transportation lanes in mines, dragging or carrying heavy loads. We can design and manufacture different types of dispatching winch with maximum pulling force 10-40KN.

Parameter of Dispatching mining winch
Model YSJD-0.5 YSJD-0.75 YSJD-1 YSJD-1.6 YSJD-4
Traction Force KN 7.5 7.5 10 17.6 30
Average Speed m/s 0.71 0.71 0.78 1.4 1.44
Dia of Wire Rope mm 9.3 9.3 12.5 15 20
Drum Size mm 200×300 200×300 224×304 310×400 620×580
Rope Capacity m 250 250 400 440 480
Total Reduction Ratio 34.81 34.81 41 32.5 31.8
Motor Type YB132S-4-B5 YBJ-11.4 YBJ45-4 YBJ40-4 YB2-132S-4
Motor Power KW 5.5 11.4 25 40 5.5
Motor Rev Rev/min 1440 1460 1470 1470 1440
Motor Voltage V 380/660 380/660V 380/660V 380/660V 380/660V
Di mention mm L×W×H 1085×730×697 1085×730×697 1073×766×727 1448×1255×1260 1900×2350×1370
Weight KG 400 400 578 1370 2800
Application of dispatching mining winch
Dispatching winch is widely used to pull the tramcar underground. The explosion-proof electric device can be applicable for the colliery and other mine with gas danger.
Dispatching winch is used planetary gear drive, have following features: compact structure, good rigidity, high efficiency, convenience for installing and moving, flexible operation, smooth braking. The winch using planetary gear transmission, winch has a compact structure, good rigidity, high efficiency, easy installation and moving, flexible operation, reliable braking, low noise characteristics.
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Electric Winches for sale

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