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MDF board door wood color hot stamping foil|PET vinyl material
1. Description:
Based on the principle of increasing the temperature and pressure on the hot-pressing glue roller, the hot stamping film for high-density board can transfer the wood grains, marble grains and other kinds of grains on the film to the surface of high density board through hot stamping machine.
2. Characteristics :
·It can give an effect of real wood.
·It is environmental protecting, without dust, painting, chemicals, coatings and volatile chemical compositions;
·It is water proof, moisture-resistant, light resistant, corrosion resistant and wears well;
·It is easy to operate and produce; it is clean, high efficient. It needs small space, so it is easy to produce in large quantities.
3. Scope of Application:
Door edge, door profile, door strip, plane door sheet, furniture panel, floor and chamfer of floor, decorative board
4. Samples & Catalogue For Hot Stamping Foil:
1. We will send you the samples together with the catalogue as your requirement ASAP.;
2. Suggest the samples as one 50meter roll so as to put them in the express parcel;
3. Normally the samples are free, but would you please pay the freight postage?
Normal Specification:
Colorwood grain ,golden ,silver, fiber drawing , aluminized etc.,
Temperature180-230 ℃
Speed2-6m depend on the stamping part
Storage :
MethoPlace in ventilated ,shaded and cool places ;
NoticeProtect from pressure, dampness, heat, and sunshine;
Time2 years ;
Temperature110-140 ºC.MDF decorative film

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