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While building your resume, you often face a challenge between career objectives and career summary.
After observing the recruitment industry for years, we safely say that for a professional with even 1 year of experience, writing
a career summary makes sense.
This is because, at the resume shortlisting stage, the recruiter is just interested in knowing what you can deliver which can be
summarized in a professional summary.
Career objective is what kind of job profile and company you are targeting.
Just above the professional summary and below the personal details, you can write a resume heading.
Resume heading is described as a job title in the recruitment industry as it aptly describes what work you are in and what are
you targeting.
So in a way, job title is a combination of what you are doing and what you are targeting.
Choosing the correct job title can make the world of a difference to your resume and can certainly increase your shortlisting
Let us see few examples to understand how we can phrase a better job title/resume heading.
Also, you can have a look at our pre-filled industry-specific resume templates, resume samples and resume examples to gauge
insights around your industry and what is used there.
For example, If you are currently working as a Sales Manager and targeting your dream job of Sales Head which has plenty of
marketing work as well, then the apt job title around this would be.

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